čtvrtek 21. srpna 2014

How to wear the turquoise colour.

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After finishing one of our photoshoots I put my turquoise purse and neckace on our white carpet. The contrast of colours looked pretty good so I decided to bring my camera and I took few pictures of it. I brought more pieces in this colour and I started arranging them. And then I got the idea. Why not to create a new topic about colours with few tips on how to wear them. So here we go. I always had a weird obsession with turquoise and mint colour but I mainly used those colours on accessories. Having said that few dresses and cardigans also found their way into my wardrobe. I love pairing turquoise with black and white to creata a clean look. However, those who know my style are aware of the fact that I love mixing colours. I really like the combo of hot pink and turquiose.

neděle 17. srpna 2014

What to wear with black jeans.

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Do you know what is unusual about this post? I am actually wearing trousers and that is not happening very often. I am more of a dress girl and I also love my collection of shorts. But lately I started looking for a good pair of trousers because it is more suitable for where I live. Those black jeans were hidden in my wardrobe for many years and I accidently found them when I was organizing my closet. I wasnt sure if they are going to fit but they are actually perfect. I paired them with a black crop top (seriously how many crop tops do I have??) and beige hat. Do you also feel like everybody is staring at you when you are wearing a hat? Or dungarees? Or crazy sunglasses? Well I guess it is just me living in a small village where everyone wears the same thing as they wore ten years ago.

čtvrtek 14. srpna 2014

Statement sunglasses

kameleonz, lucie srbová, česká blogerka, trendy 2014, jak nosit černou

Sunglasses are an absolute necessity for me in the summer. Therefore I own quite a collection and I keep looking for more. Timeless and classic pieces are an important part of my collection but I love buying sunglasses in crazy shapes and colours. I always wanted to have a pair with colourful lenses and when I saw those green beauties I knew I had to have them. They are from a really cool online shop called Kameleonz and I love the fact that you can create your own piece there. And who doesn't want to be original? The arms are also interchangeable so you can look different everytime you wear them. How cool is that?!

úterý 12. srpna 2014

Bloggers collaboration

lorietta, petra lorencová, blogerka, praha, fashion, blogger
I always enjoy collaborating with other people who share the similar interests and hobbies. I believe that this is the best way to learn something new and improve your existing skills. So if there is any photographer, make-up artist, blogger or anyone who just loves fashion don't be afraid to send me a message and I am sure we can come up with something interesting. :) Today's pictures were taken in Prague where I met my friend and blogger Petra. She showed me a lovely park and it definitely wasnt't the last time I was there. I normally don't wear animal prints very often but this dress with snake print is so comfortable and perfect for traveling. What is your favorite outfit for traveling?

neděle 10. srpna 2014

Festival Živá ulice se ZOOT

zoot, festival živá ulice, plzeň, soutěž, česká blogerka

As I mentioned in a previous post I will be part of the festival called Živá ulice in Pilsen. It starts on Monday and till Thursday I will be taking pics of stylish people and at the end of the day the best one wins a voucher to a popular shop called ZOOT. There will be four different themes including animal print, floral pattern, sailor theme or your own personal style. I created little collages to give you some inspiration. Moreover, I will be presenting two fashion shows on Thursday and Friday. Fingers crossed I wont fall from the stage or say something ridiculous. But as they say. Any press is good press. I will be posting my favorite outfits here on the blog so do not forget to check it out. ;)
Jak už jsem zmínila v předchozím článku, budu součástí plzeňského festivalu Živá ulice. Začíná v pondělí a do čtvrtka budu každý den chodit po městě a fotit nejstylovější outfity. Každý večer pak vyberu ten nejlepší a nejoriginálnější a vítěz obdrží voucher do oblíbeného obchodu ZOOT. Aby to nebylo tak jednoduché, každý den máme připravené jiné téma. V pondělí se na vás těším v oblečení se zvířecím vzorem, v úterý je ve znamení květin a ve středu byste se měly proměnit v námořníka. Ty z vás, které nemají dané vzory v šatníku a přesto chtějí ukázat svůj dokonalý styl, si přijdou na své ve čtvrtek, kdy stačí přijít v čemkoli, co je zajímavé a trendy. Pokud byste se chtěly dané akce zúčastnit, najdete mě od 4 do 6 ve výdejně radosti ZOOT, v ulici Pražská. Během odpoledne se budu také pohybovat ve městě a lovit zajímavé kousky, které se objeví na facebookových stránkách obchodu ZOOT. Na celkového vítěze čeká voucher v hodnotě 2000 Kč, takže rozhodně stojí za to soutěžit. Ve čtvrtek a v pátek se pak na vás budu těšit na módní přehlídce, kterou budu moderovat. Doufám, že nespadnu z pódia nebo neřeknu něco hloupého. Ale jak se říká. I špatná reklama je reklamou. Během týdne budu na blog přidávat zajímavého outfity z Plzně, takže se nezapomeňte mrknout. Třeba zde najdete i sebe. :)

čtvrtek 7. srpna 2014

The must-have in your closet: The zip front dress

festival živá ulice, lucie srbová, odborná porota, zoot, soutěž

Today was such a lovely relaxing day and I had a chance to finish some work I had left from previous week. Tomorrow I am going to Prague to visit my blogger friend Petra and we are planning to take some pics together so stay tuned. I am also going for a dinner with my uncle to a really fancy restaurant so I am quite excited. I am gonna have to start going to the gym after all that food I have eaten in previous days otherwise I will need two seat on the plane back to Aberdeen. :) Moreover, I have some exciting news about next week. I am going to write a special article about it during the weekend but I want to share the basics about it with you just now. Next week Pilsen will be hosting a festival called Živá ulice and I am going to present a fashion show as well as take pics of stylish people and choose the winner who would win a price. My favorite outfits will also appear on my blog so you can see some stylish people from my country.

středa 6. srpna 2014

Visual Merchandising at Robert Gordon University

robert gordon university, fashion management, how to apply, best students
I successfully finished my first year at Robert Gordon University and I can't wait for the second one. After studying here in Czech I never really thought I could enjoy going to the uni but I was wrong. My course (fashion management) is awesome and I have learnt so many things so far and there is more to come. I am happy that we don't have to remember useless information and we have to create our own stuff. My favorite subject has to be visual merchandising which gave us a chance to create our shop and everything that comes with it. I spent so much time on it but it was totally worth it. And today I want to share the result with you. I dont like following the mainstream so my shop is quite crazy. What do you think? Would you like to study something similar?